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Suction Sweeper M60 – Made in Italy


Product Description

  • Sweeping Width
    • with central roll-brush only – 1300 mm
    • with central roll-brush and right-hand side brush – 2000 mm
    • with central roll-brush and 2 side brushes (standard) – 2700 mm
    • with central brush, 2 side brushes and 3rd front brush (opt) – 3600 mm
  • Hopper And Water Tank
    • Hopper volume – 6 m3
    • Net payload – 6000 Kg
    • Hopper dumping height – 1,1m (opt÷2,30m)
    • Water tank capacity (with optional water spraying system) – 620 l / (opt 1220 l)
  • Engine – Mercedes Diesel Engine
  • Please Refer to Product Images, Product Video & Product Technical Data Sheet For More Information.

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Product Overview

The M60 is the most advanced and performing mechanical-suction sweeper on the market today thanks to years of continuous development. Its 6 cubic meter hopper volume and 6000 Kg net payload are unmatched performances that allow this superb sweeper to work in the heaviest-duty conditions, both urban and industrial. The very large surface filters make the machine work dust-free even in the dustiest situations. To the well-known and appreciated characteristics and reliability of the ST version, the CanBus (CB) version adds further unparalleled and innovative performances. THE EXCLUSIVE VERSION M60 ST HS (High-Speed) allows to travel at max 70 Km/h in Transfer Mode (front-wheels steering with automatic lock of rear wheels), while travelling at max 42 Km/h in Working Mode with 4-WHEELS steering. UNIQUE!