Ride On Scrubber Dryer Mega 7150 (Traction Battery) – Made in Italy


Product Description

  • Scrubbing / Squeegee Width : 1020 / 1250 mm
  • Solution Tank:  200 liters
  • Recovery Tank: 210 liters
  • Working Capacity: 7140 m2/hr
  • Vacuum Motor: 600 watt
  • Brush Motor: 1500 watt
  • Traction Motor: 900 watt
  • Detergent Tank Capacity : 200L
  • RPM / Pressure on the brushes: 150 / 120 RPM/Kg
  • Traction : Front Motorwheel
  • Depression / Vacuum Motor : 1800/ 600 mmH2O/W
  • Max. Working Capacity : 7140 m2/h
  • Recovery tank capacity stop/total : 210/240L
  • Traction Motor Power: 900w
  • Battery Anatomy : 4  – 5H
  • Please Refer to Product Images, Product Video & Product Technical Data Sheet For More Information.

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Product Overview

Mega 7150 Ride on Scrubber Drier is a 36Volt machine with 200 Litres of Solution Tank. The cleaning width of more than one meter covers large areas quickly.  It is most suitable for cleaning large Warehouses, Parking areas, Shopping Malls, Manufacturing facilities etc where cleaning needs to be done in a relatively short period of time. It puts more than 120 kg of constant pressure on the brushes for deep cleaning of floors. The machine is suitable for cleaning almost all types of hard floors. Large solution tank reduces the need to fill the solution tank frequently hence the machine can be used constantly for longer duration of time. It allows for maximum utilization of battery charge. Heavy duty V shaped squeegees made of steel combined with high suction power gives perfect drying results on almost all the surfaces. Some of the technical features are as follows: – Automatic brush plate lifting system, Automatic squeegee lifting while reversing the machine, Automatic control system for brush rotation and detergent water outflow, Antifoam device, Self-leveling brush plate, Hour meter. The unique anti foam device dramatically reduces the foam generation and prevents water from entering the vacuum motor. This is a unique safety device to protect the critical electrical components of the machine. The electronic floating switch stops suction when the tank is full. This is another safety device to protect the critical components of the machine from damage due to water overflow. The special box filter retains solid debris and prevents the obstruction of the suction hose. From the control panel the operator can adjust the maximum forward speed and the flow of cleaning solution into the brushes to suit specific requirement of detergent for every floor type.