Ride On Scrubber Mega 6500 BT (Traction Battery) – Made in Italy


Product Description

  • Power supply: 36V
  • Scrubbing/squeegee width: 1000/1000 mm
  • Max working capacity: 6500 m²/h
  • Solution tank capacity: 140 l/36.99 gal
  • Recovery tank capacity: 150-180 l/39.6-47 gal
  • Traction type/power: front motorwheel/900 W
  • RPM/pressure on the brushes: 150/75 kg max/165 lbs
  • Brush motor power 2 x 700 W
  • Max gradient empty/full tank: 10%/8%
  • Depression/vacuum motor: 1734 mmH2O/550W
  • Dimensions/weight: 180x103x150 cm/300 kg

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Product Overview

Suitable for maintenance and deep cleaning of medium and large areas (up to 7.400 m²) with a considerable reduction of cleaning costs. Large load tank capacity, resulting in reduced number of stops. Quick refilling system. Antifoam device. High-performance batteries resulting in high-working efficiency.Stability even when fully loaded. Up to more than 130 kg max of pressure on the brushes (MEGA 7400 BT). Self-levelling brushes. Front independent wheel-drive with tight steering radius. Total wheel protection (MEGA 7400 BT). Cleaning solution distribution by pump (MEGA 7400 BT). Easy access to electrical components. Automatic brush plate and squeegee lifting system. Automatic squeegee lifting while reverse going. Automatic device that stops brushes and detergent water outflow when the machine is stationary. Frontal light (MEGA 7400 BT)